Trade Gallery
at B.N.Yeltsin Presidential Center
Public, cultural and educational center opened in the city of Yekaterinburg in 2015 with the participation of the Fund "Yeltsin Presidential Center ".

Yeltsin Center and Yeltsin Museum were inaugurated on the 25th of November,
in 2015.

Many guests took part in the opening ceremony: President of Russia V.V.Putin, Prime-Minister D.A.Medvedev, B.N.Yeltsin's widow Naina Iosifovna and other representatives of government and culture. In 2017 Yeltsin Museum took part in the competition "European Museum of the Year", and won a prize.

Address: #3, Yeltsin's Street, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Yeltsin Center is a main space in Yekaterinburg and one of the residents' favorite places; it unites the best European museum, Educational Center, Art Gallery with exibitions from the "Garage Center for Contemporary Culture", modern co-working, the best Russian bookshop "Piotrovskiy", restaurants for Ginza-project, commercial pavilions, Business Center, the best and super-technological movie/cinema in Yekaterinburg.

By the end of the year there will have been running Beauty Saloon, Medical Clinic, Musical Club, Fitness Center. All of them will create stronger synergy among renters in the First Presidential Center.

Seminars and training sessions, conferences and open performances, concerts and special movies, festivals and "theme-weeks" – all these have been contained Yeltsin Center monthly.

BURO 100
Concept-Agency organizes author's meetings, commercial events, produces and develops creative ideas as well as ingenious solutions.

Creative group "Gorozhanie" ("Citizens"), founded by M. Beilin and D. Nikishin.

Trade Gallery, it is a space on the second floor of the Yeltsin Center. It is full of goods, services and entertainments. It is designed in modern changeable style, the shops here have opportunity to change their images or styles or interiors easily, if/when they wish.

This space is able to unite and combine local creative brands and federal ones, as well as great variety of regional communities for all branches: services, food, entertainment, education.

Most of the shops will stay here for ages, other areas (pavilions) will change renters regularly, depending on seasons, visitors' tastes, interests etc.

The Gallery gathers the brightest and the most unique brands, some of them are just entering the city of Yekaterinburg.

So our Gallery is going to become a destination for pleasant shopping, walking, useful rest; "a meeting point" and "the third place" for progressive citizens.

During recent years, such retail complexes format has become "must-have" in the big cities and has had great synergetic effect, as it attracts many visitors (probably saving their time) and is useful both for the project participants and the audience.

Economy on renovation
The renter doesn't need to search and invest money for renovation of a new room for the shop or to buy lots of the trading and window equipment.

We plan to integrate renters' ideas into the Gallery space at the design stage, so that all the technical and decorative ideas/requirements for the room would be catered in advance.
Yeltsin Center is visited by more than 60,000 guests monthly and more than 3,000 ones daily.
The Center has a plan to increase the quantity to 150,000 visitors a month and 5,000 ones a day.
Concept-Agency BURO 100 is involved into the Rooms promotions and attractions for visitors.
Our main target is to fulfill the Gallery with interesting events, to work nontrivially with social nets and passionately with trendsetters, to keep the Trade Gallery Space in the top of the local mass-media.
Potential Possibilities
Within walking distance from Yeltsin Center there are companies which have our potential visitors:
  • Hayatt Regency Hotel 5*
  • Apartment Complex "Bashnya Iset" (The Iset' Tower)
  • The House of Sverdlovsk Region Government
  • The House of Low Court
  • "Demidov" Business Center (joined to Yeltsin Center with a special warm path) that hosts the main Russian bank "Sberbank" offices with 900 clerks
  • "President" Business Center

  • "Barboris" Restaurant (average bill 1,500 roubles)
  • "1991" Café (average bill 800 roubles)
  • "Kids Cafe" (average bill 500 roubles)
  • "Piotrovskiy" Bookshop
  • "Freedom Store" (Russian Clothes Designers' Shop, is located only in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg)
  • "Cosmotheca" –Exclusive Cosmetics Shop
  • "Svyaznoy" – Mobile Phones Saloon
  • "Perekryostok" – Federal Food Store
  • "Newton Park" – Science Educational Center for Kids
  • Co-working Center
  • Educational Center
Soon we expect to be opened:
  • SPA Saloon and Beauty Center
  • Medical Clinic
  • Concert Hall/Night Club
  • "Reforma" Fitness Center (1,700 sq.m)
During the World Football Championship 2018, the Accreditation Center of the UEFA will be placed in Yeltsin Center, where you can get Fan's Passport (we are expecting 40,000 tourists coming).
Every day at the Trade Gallery territory we'll arrange entertaining and educational programs in various styles, for all kinds of visitors:

  • Meet-up – "round tables" with specialists in different industries
  • Meetings with "opinion leaders"
  • Imaging/partnership programs with renters
  • Musical Groups Concerts (alive, not recorded)
  • Board games
  • Interactive video games
  • Vintage mechanical slot machine
  • Chess tournament (we'd like to make chess game as "the new black")
  • Series of activities "Mum Can"

Contact us:
General Director
Anna Reshotkina

Managing Director
Vitaliy Ushenin
+7 912 25 48 195
813 office, 3, Yeltsin street, Yekaterinburg, Russia
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